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One piece is a dress with a cape attached to it. This item is not separate.

As the name suggests, it will be a design that is active in 4 ways.

You can enjoy wearing it in a natural style, one-shoulder, 4-way dar, off-shoulder, and bare top style.

The material is a stretch material of 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane.

It is less likely to wrinkle and is convenient to carry. You can also do the laundry at home.

No ironing is required after washing.

Free size, bust 43 cm, hips 54 cm, hem width 71 cm, total length 128 cm

The length of the cape will be 39 cm. Since the stretch is effective, it can accommodate up to large size people.

Height of A color model 160 cm Height of B color model 167 cm Height of C color model 167 cm

The height of the D color model is 171 cm.

This item can be ordered by Halau. It takes about 14 to 20 days after receiving your order. In that case, we will send you a color sample, so you can order from a minimum of 20 with your favorite color. Please feel free to contact us for size consultation and length consultation.


4WAY dress pattern

Sales Tax Included
  • We do not accept returns due to the convenience of customers who purchased from the online shop. If you have any mistakes or problems with sewing our products, please contact us via the HP inquiry column or email. We will replace it with a new product.

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