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polyester 95%, polyurethane 5%

It is a stretch material that does not wrinkle easily and is easy to handle.

Size Free

Since it comes with a self-fabric string, short people can browse and wear it at the waist. It is a product that can be ordered by Halau. If you order from the minimum of 20 pieces, you can request the length etc. Please feel free to contact us.

Even if you wear the back and front of the dress upside down, the image will change. Please see the image image.

Size: 54 cm when placed flat as there is a tack around the chest in full bloom

The hem width is 71 cm when placed flat.

Length is 112 cm.

Circle dress 2021 new pattern

SKU: KUOP-2021サークルワンピース
Sales Tax Included
  • We do not accept returns due to the convenience of customers who purchased from the online shop. If you have any mistakes or problems with sewing our products, please contact us via the HP inquiry column or email. We will replace it with a new product.

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    Become. In that case, we will contact you as soon as it arrives by requesting a restock notification.

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