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New colors for the 2-way skirt.

It is a free size and there is no elastic in the waist, it stretches just because of the fabric.

It can be worn by people up to size 2XL.

The material is a stretchy material that is 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane.

The smooth fabric makes it wrinkle-resistant and easy to carry.

It dries quickly after washing. It's a 2-way skirt, so you can wear it as a skirt or pull it up to your chest to make it a bare top.

You can enjoy it as a skirt.

The measurements when laid flat are 33cm at the waist and 88cm at the centre front of the skirt.

If you are tall, it also looks great when worn with the waist part just hanging down.

If you are shorter, you can fold the waist part in half to get the same pattern.

Since each item is handmade in the factory, not all measurements are necessarily in centimeters.

Please note that there may be some errors.

Model is 155cm tall

*There may be variations in the print color due to differences in production time.

Please note that when placing additional orders, there may be slight variations in color from your previous order.

Depending on the product, if you purchase a patterned blouse and skirt as a set

Depending on the time of production, the colors may not be exactly the same.

For halau orders, we produce to order.

2WAY Skirt⑤

Sales Tax Included
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