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The Relax Pants have been revamped!!!

It has pockets and is 3cm longer than previous relaxed pants.

Material: 95% polyester, 5% polyurethane

There is no elastic in the waistband, just stretchy fabric, making this an item that is comfortable to wear.

The addition of pockets makes it even more convenient.

This is also a recommended item for those who find the new wide pants too short.

Please refer to the size chart below.

Please understand that due to the nature of the manual production process, not all items are necessarily the same size and there may be slight differences.


Rib length: 17cm

Rib width: 31cm

Hips: 65cm

Rise: 28cm

Inseam: 62cm

Pants width: 35cm

Hem width: 32cm

It's made of stretch material so it stretches very well.

*There may be variations in the print color due to differences in production time.

Please note that when placing additional orders, there may be slight variations in color from your previous order.

Depending on the product, if you purchase a patterned blouse and skirt as a set

Depending on the time of production, the colors may not be exactly the same.

NEW Relax Pants②

Sales Tax Included
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